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Pakistani Websites

Pakistani Websites


The Pak Ranks

A Pakistani web directory with links to educational and cultural sites, including some in Urdu


A site with Pakistani recipies and information about music, Bollywood and Lollywood

Victoria Square stands at the junction of three streets; New Street, Paradise Street and Colmore Row. After the Council House was built in the 1870s it was known as Council House Square. It became Victoria Square after the arrival of the statue of Queen Victoria in 1901.

Between August 1992 and June 1993, Victoria Square was completely redesigned at a cost of £0.2 million. Only the statue of Queen Victoria remains in its original location. The square was re-opened by Diana, the Princess of Wales on 6 May 1993.

The square is also the site of Birmingham's Town Hall, and several public works of art, including the Iron Man and the 'Floozie in the Jacuzzi'.

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Pakistan Link

This website has news about Pakistan in Urdu

Urdu to English Dictionary

This website is an Urdu to English dictionary

A Brief History of the Pakistani Community

Web Sites for Asian Women

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