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Licensed Premises Gaming Machine Permits

These apply to premises with a Licensing Act 2003 on-premises alcohol licence where alcohol can be sold without food. There is no prescribed limit on the number of machines, but applicants must specify the number they are applying for.

Permits are of unlimited duration unless the holder of the on-premises alcohol licence changes. There is an annual fee of £50.

Two machines or less:
Alcohol licensed premises have an automatic entitlement to make up to 2 category C or D machines available for use without requiring a permit. Any premises wishing to take up this entitlement must complete a Notification form.

Three or more machines:
For licensed premises wishing to make available more than 2 category C or D machines, the person or organisation who holds the 'on-premises' alcohol licence must apply for an alcohol licensed premises gaming machine permit. However, an application may not be made if a premises licence, issued under the Gambling Act, is already in effect at the premises.

Where a Permit authorises the making available of a specified number of gaming machines in particular premises, this will effectively replace, and not be in addition to, any automatic entitlement to two machines as described above.

If you currently hold a permit under Section 34 of the Gaming Act 1968 for 3 or more machines you must apply for a permit under the Gambling Act 2005 before the expiry date of your current permit. If you have 2 or less machines and wish to continue to have the same amount when your current permit expires you must complete the Notification form.

The Gambling Commission website has further information on Gaming Permits and/or you can contact the Licensing Section at:

Licensing Section,
Crystal Court,
Aston Cross Business Village,
50 Rocky Lane,
B6 5RQ

Telephone number: 0121 303 9896
e-mail: licensing@birmingham.gov.uk