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Councillor Carol Jones - Stechford and Yardley North Ward - My News

Crime has reduced in the Yardley & Stechford areas by 26% in the last twelve months which is excellent news. I have supported the following local crime reduction initiatives:

  • The provision of security gates on walkways - to prevent burglaries
  • Improved street lighting in local roads making local roads safer
  • The provision of CCTV cameras at the Yew Tree preventing crime & anti social behaviour

I am pleased that at last the former Manor House Public House has been demolished. I hope that work will soon start on the development of the site with affordable and low cost homes which are so desperately needed in the local area. I am pressing for the Iron Lane road scheme to be implemented as soon as possible. The Iron Lane junction has been a traffic nightmare for many years and I am looking forward to the day when traffic flows freely at this location. I have supported the demolition of the Meadway blocks and their replacement with new affordable, low cost homes. I will push for this development to be completed as soon as possible so that quality homes are provided in the local community. Graffiti is an ongoing problem in the Yardley and Stechford areas. To combat this I have supported clean up campaigns and the painting of cable boxes with anti graffiti paint. I also report graffiti on an ongoing basis to the Council's clean up squad.

Stechford & Yardley North Ward
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Councillor Carol Jones

Councillor Carol Jones
Councillor Carol Jones
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