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Digbeth - Local Development Order (LDO)

What is a Local Development Order (LDO)?

Why are we adopting this LDO?

Where does it apply?

What is the aim of the LDO?

What can I do exactly under the LDO?

What are these use classes?

Which buildings are listed?

What do I still need planning permission for?

Do I still need Conservation Area consent?

Do I still need advertisement consent?

Do I need to inform the Council if I want to change the use of a property permitted under the LDO

What process of approval and consultation has the LDO been through?

How long does the LDO last for?

What happens to the LDO at the end of the 3 year period?

What happens to my development at the end of the 3 year period?

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Last Updated : 19th June 2012