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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Corporate Strategy Team

The Corporate Strategy Team plays an essential part in developing a Council that is highly effective in enabling Birmingham people to succeed economically, make a contribution, enjoy a high quality life, stay safe and be healthy. The team supports the Executive through difficult times, ensuring that their priorities are effectively driven through the council. It is hoped that the team will be able to position Birmingham to benefit from national initiatives and address challenges at an early stage.

The Strategic Research Team builds on the customer knowledge expertise and leads a programme of development with partners.

The Strategic Leadership Team integrates policy and administrative support for the council's top political leadership with support for the senior officer leadership.

The Corporate Strategy team is responsible for:

Improved Support to senior leaders (elected and officer)

Running and joining up the leadership infrastructureSupporting senior officers and leading Members

Making sure that decisions are implemented efficiently and effectively

Leadership media relations and central government relationship management

A strategic 'think tank' service driving Birmingham's strategic direction

Strategic policy development (e.g implementation of the seven principles)

Responding to Government initiatives

Third Sector management

Enhanced strategic research, intelligence and analysis to inform the development of strategy and drive service redesign

Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

Cost-Benefit modelling with national government

Public consultation and engagement including LINKs

Customer Knowledge

Delivery of specific work programmes including Third Sector and Local Healthwatch reponsibilties

For more details or information on the work of the Corporate Strategy Team contact Kevin Hubery 0121 303 4821 or via email to kevin.d.hubery@birmingham.gov.uk.

If you would like the see the Leader's Policy Statement in full, please click on the link below: