Birmingham City Council

Campaign Planning

This service area is responsible for organising and marketing citywide campaigns and events and for promoting the Birmingham City Council brand.

They do this by delivering a range of internal and external activities that require professional and technical marketing and communications skills. They work with colleagues on large-scale citywide campaigns, combining the communications expertise needed for big campaigns.

Their work involves producing:

• programmes of proactive planned public relations and marketing campaigns using a mix of media, including social media

• producing publications and electronic bulletins

• internal communications, including the council's staff magazine, Inner Voice, and Inline

• outsourcing specialist marketing and communications services where required

Corporate Publications

The Corporate Publications Team is responsible for writing and producing a wide range of publications, including the council’s magazine, Forward, and the electronic Birmingham Bulletin.

The team is also responsible for internal communications, including the council’s staff magazine Inner Voice, Weekly News, Core Brief, Managers’ Bulletins, Marketing and Events Bulletins, and global emails (from the chief executive). They also produce other corporate publications and publicity materials, including leaflets, posters and books.