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Speed limits in Central South Birmingham (area A3)

In June and July 2014, we held a consultation about speed limits in Central South Birmingham, covering the wards of Moseley and Kings Heath, Sparkbrook, parts of Springfield and a small area of Brandwood.

Following an initial city-wide consultation in Autumn 2013, this area was identified as a part of the city where there is strong support for 20mph speed limits or where there are concerns about road safety, particularly for children.

Public response to the 2014 consultation exercise showed that there is strong support for the project, with a number of requests and a petition being made to include change additional roads or sections of road to 20mph. As a result, the project has been progressed and approved by Cabinet, with the following amendments to the proposals:

  • Edward Road (Area 4 - Balsall Heath) is now all proposed 20mph. The consultation showed the section between Pershore Road and Constance Road as remaining at 30mph.
  • Moor Green Lane (Area 5 - Cannon Hill) is now all proposed or existing 20mph. The consultation showed the section between Shutcock Lane and Reddings Road as remaining at 30mph.
  • Reddings Road (Area 5 - Cannon Hill) is now proposed 20mph. The consultation showed Reddings Road as remaining at 30mph.
  • Shutlock Lane (Area 5 - Cannon Hill) is now proposed 20mph. The consultation showed Shutlock Lane as remaining at 30mph.
  • Addison Road (Area 6 - Kings Heath) is now proposed 20mph. The consultation showed Addison Road as remaining at 30mph.
  • Barn Lane (Area 6 - Kings Heath and Area 7 - Moseley) is now proposed 20mph. The consultation showed Barn Lane as remaining at 30mph.
  • Vicarage Road (Area 6 - Kings Heath) now has a small additional section of 20mph in local centres between Alcester Road South and up to the Highbury Road junction with Vicarage Road. The consultation showed this section of Vicarage Road as remaining at 30mph.
  • Part Time (variable) 20mph limits are also proposed to be introduced outside or near some schools in the project area, on roads which will otherwise remain at 30mph. These proposals will be finalised and consulted on separately.

Introduction of all of the proposed speed limit changes within this project are still subject to advertisement of the required Traffic Regulation Orders. Following this, it is envisaged that the project will be delivered, with signage being installed, before the end of 2015.

The plans and road index below have been updated to reflect the above changes which reference specific roads. Changes outside schools are shown on the plans only.

20mph area A3 overview plan

All existing 20mph areas will remain. In new areas, the speed limit will be shown using signs and road markings only. There will be a pair of road signs at the point where the speed limit changes. 20mph roads will also generally have round 20mph sign painted on the surface of the road. In some locations where parked cars would cover these road markings then we would use small road signs mounted on lamp posts or other poles. There will be no new traffic calming, such as speed bumps, introduced as part of this scheme.

20mph speed limits are just one element of a package of measures to reduce vehicle speeds, improving road safety, the environment and public health. A city-wide publicity campaign will take place around the same time that the pilot scheme is implemented to show people the benefits of driving at 20mph on residential roads. In order for 20mph limits to work to maximum effect a majority of drivers will need to stick to the new limits, which is why it is so important for them to understand the reasons behind it. Over time, driving at 20mph on quieter residential roads will be second nature – in the same way that wearing a seatbelt now is. We will also be working with local schools, workplaces and in communities to promote road safety to all road users.

20mph speed limits will be enforced by the West Midlands Police, in the same way that other speed limits are now. We are working in partnership with the Police to agree the details of enforcement for 20mph speed limits in Birmingham.

Road index

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This scheme supports Birmingham Cycle Revolution, an exciting 20 year initiative to encourage more people to cycle in and around the city; making Birmingham a healthier, greener, safer and less congested city.

This scheme is part of Birmingham Connected vision. Over the next 20 years Birmingham City Council will reinvent the way in which people and goods move across the city.