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Exchanging Places

Birmingham Cycle Revolution

We work in partnership with West Midlands Police on the Exchanging Places programme, raising awareness of cycle safety around Heavy Goods Vehicles. Cyclists are invited to sit in the cab of a large vehicle to see first hand the significant blind spots where cyclists cannot be seen, while HGV drivers are given advice on how to drive to minimse the risks to cyclists.

There are a number of good videos online showing the different perspectives of cyclists and lorry drivers. We recommend watching Transport for London's HGV Cycle Safety video or the Metropolitan Police's Exchanging Places video.

When cycling on busy roads with HGVs, the following tips can help you to protect yourself:

  • Cycle sensibly and assertively;
  • Recognise that lorry drivers may not be able to see you;
  • Never cycle up the left hand side of a lorry stopped at a junction;
  • Look out for lorries turning left from beside or behind you;
  • Don’t stop too close to the front of a stopped lorry; and
  • Take up a visible position at lights: three metres out in front and not by the left kerb or very close to the lorry.

Details of any forthcoming Exchanging Places events will be posted on the Birmingham Cycle Revolutionnews and events page.