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Councillors’ bike ride

Cllr Bike Ride

Birmingham’s  streets were graced with the pedal-power of councillors on September 28 as elected members were participating in a city centre bike ride in order to promote cycling and healthy lifestyles.

Council Member James McKay, Cabinet member for promoting Birmingham as a Green, Safe and Smart city, said:

“As a keen cyclist myself I look forward to leading the peloton of council members.

“This ride sets a positive precedent as members of all political parties come together to support and improve cycling options for the city in what could be seen as the council’s own version of the Tour de France.”

The short tour examined some of the issues that the Birmingham City Council’s Cycling Strategy will seek to address, including facilities that current city centre highway changes will bring about.

Cllr Bike Ride

We have successfully signed up eight councillors who are passionate about promoting cycling in Birmingham they are Councillor Mckay,

Councillor Shea, Councillor Quinn, Councillor Griffiths, Councillor Trickett, Councillor Bedser, Councillor Radcliffe , Councillor Jones, Councillor Ward.

Please see below a link to a YouTube clip of Councillor Mckay speaking about the councillor bike ride