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Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction - Useful Organisations and Contacts

Organisations providing advice on sustainable building

Association for Environment Conscious Building (AECB)
PO Box 32, Llandysul, UK, SA44 5ZA
Tel/Fax: 0845 4569773
Email: sally@aecb.net (General enquiries)
Website: http://www.aecb.net

Formed in 1989 the AECB encourages greater environmental awareness within the construction industry. Its diverse membership encompasses almost every sector of building construction and management.

The objective of the ACEB is to facilitate environmentally responsible practices within construction.

  • Promote the use of products and materials which area safe, healthy and sustainable
  • Encourage projects that respect, protect and enhance the environment
  • Make available comprehensive information and guidance about products, methods and projects
  • Support the interests and endeavours of members in achieving these aims
Sustainable Projects Endorsement Certificate (SPEC)
  • SPEC is the AECB sustainable Projects endorsement Certificate which gives formal recognition to members who apply the principles of the Association in their work.
  • SPEC is unique in the way that it approaches assessment of the sustainability of individual projects with the emphasis on simplicity. An application can be made in a matter of hours at a commensurate low cost.
  • SPEC addresses aspects as broad as appropriateness, site issues, materials, energy, water and waste. It looks in detail at approaches to management, land use, embodied energy, energy conservation measures, and the handling of waste.
  • SPEC is flexible enough to be applied not only to building work and landscaping but equally to modest jobs such as decorating and re-wiring.

For more information and a SPEC application form, please send four loose first class stamps to: Neil Lewis (Tel: 01684 563356)(AECB), 137 Newtown Road, Malvern, Worcestershire WR14 1PF.

Building Limes Forum

Glasite Meeting House, 33 Barony Street, Edinburgh EH3 6NX
Email Address: admin@buildinglimesforum.org.uk

Website: The Building Limes Forum

Centre for Alternative Technology

Machynlleth, Powys, Mid Wales SY20 9AZ
Tel: 01654 705950 / Fax: 01654 702782

Website: Centre for Alternative Technology

EARTHA (East Anglian Regional Telluric Houses Association)

Formed for those with an interest in the use of earth in building in the region, to encourage better understanding of the importance of the material and promote best techniques.

Secretary: Mr D Bouwens, EARTHA, Ivy Green, London Road, Wymondman, Norfolk NR18 9JD
Tel: 01953 601701
Email Address: info@eartha.org.uk

Website: http://www.eartha.org.uk/eartha.htm

The Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings

Founded by William Morris in 1877, the SPAB continues to advocate minimum intervention ('repair' rather than 'restoration') in the care of old buildings. Among its activities, it publishes a useful series of technical pamphlets, offers technical advice and holds regular courses.

The SPAB, 37 Spital Square, London E1 6DY
Tel: 020 7377 1644 / Fax: 020 7247 5296
Email Address: info@spad.org.uk

Website: SPAB

Vernacular Architecture Group

Formed in 1952 to further the study of "lesser traditional buildings". Open to anyone interested in vernacular architecture. Activities include recording and study of vernacular buildings including detailed regional and local surveys, studies, of particular types of buildings, building materials and techniques and principles of development.

Membership Secretary: Cathy Tyers, Archaeology Research School, University of Sheffield, West Court, 2 Mappin Street, Sheffield S1 4DT.
Telephone 0114 222 2954
Email Address: c.m.tyers@sheffield.ac.uk

Website: www.vag.org.uk

Architects specialising in sustainable building

Simmonds Mills Architects Builders
The Greenwood Trust, Station Road, Coalbrookdale, Telford, Shropshire TF8 7DR
Tel: 01952 433252 / Fax: 01952 432022
Email Address: simmondsmills@f2s.com

Website: www.simmondsmills.com

Structural Engineers specialising in sustainable building

Jjo Associates' Consulting Structural Engineers
Woodhouse Farm, Hawkchurch, Axminster, Devon EX13 5UF
Tel: 01297 678138
Email Address: info@jjoassociates.com

Website: www.jjoassociates.co.uk

Builders specialising in sustainable building

IJP Building Conservation

Hampstead Farm, Binfield Heath, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire RG9 4LG
Tel: 0118 9697711 / Fax: 0118 9698822
Email Address: enquiries@oldhousestore.co.uk

Website: www.oldhousestore.co.uk

McCurdy & Co Limited

Manor Farm, Standford Dingley, Reading, Berks, RG7 6LS
Tel: 0118 9744866 / Fax: 0118 9744375
Email Address: info@mccurdyco.com

Website: www.mccurdyco.com

Materials suppliers specialising in sustainable Building Products

Natural Building Technologies Limited

The Hanger, Worminghall Road, Oakley, Bucks HP18 9UL
Contact Neil Rodger Sales & Marketing Director
Tel: 01844 338338 / Fax: 01844 338525
Email Address: info@natural-building.co.uk

Website: www.natural-building.co.uk

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