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How To Pay

All Business Rates payers have the right to pay by monthly instalments. If you elect to make payment by standing order or via an internet banking account you will need the following details:

Sort Code: 08 90 01

Account Number : 61314007

Please quote your 10 digit NDR reference number but please do not use any hyphens.

Alternative methods of payment are as follows:

  • Direct Online
  • By Direct Debit (monthly/half yearly/yearly). A Direct Debit application form is attached below.
  • At a Post Office / Pay Point or Pay Zone by Payment Card.

The bill for a full financial year will provide for payment in 10 monthly instalments, unless you opt to pay

  • yearly
  • half-yearly
  • over 12 months

Payment Dates:

  • Monthly: 1st of each month
  • 1/2 yearly: 1st April and 1st October each year
  • Yearly: 1st April each year

Payment Card

Should you wish to pay by payment card, you should contact the Business Rates Team for one to be issued on:

0121 303 5509 / 0121 303 5510 / 0121 303 5511 .

If you already have a payment card, you can take this to any Post Office.

If you pay by cheque at the Post Office, you must make it payable to 'Post Office Ltd'. You can also pay at any shop displaying the Pay Point or Pay Zone logo - but ONLY CASH is accepted at these outlets.

If the front of your bill shows you are paying by payment card, you should continue to use the card you used last year, already in your possession.

If your business is currently experiencing financial hardship, you may qualify for a reduction in your liability. Further information can be found at Business Rates Reductions

PDF icon Direct Debit Form (Size: 2.74 Mb Type: PDF )

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