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Perry Barr District Background: Lozells and East Handsworth Ward

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Handsworth extends east side of the Soho Road through to Birchfield Road and from Lozells to the Wellington Road.

This area, south of the railway line through Perry Barr, comprises older housing which has benefited from refurbishment programmes in the past adopting a comprehensive approach to upgrading the area including housing regeneration and redevelopment, alongside initiatives to tackle social, economic and environmental problems.

The area also contains a number of local shopping centres - Lozells Road, Villa Road, Soho Road, Rookery Road and Perry Barr its particular strength is the provision of goods required by the Asian and Afro Caribbean communities and it draws customers from a wide area. It is particularly important that these centres are safeguarded, because the local population, from whom they draw their trade, is restricted in its choice of centre by low income, low car ownership and requirements for 'ethnic' goods. Lozells Road/Villa Road/Soho Road/Rookery Road areas has undergone considerable refurbishment in terms of environmental and highway improvements over the past few years, and there are now signs of renewed investment in the area.

Parts of Handsworth were originally developed as a high class suburb, and this is reflected in its architectural and amenity quality. The Heathfield Park area, behind Hamstead and Heathfield Roads, has particular quality arising from its unity as a well designed late 19th Century residential development, and it is intended that this area should be designated a Conservation Area. Handsworth Park itself is also an important asset, an investment of m Heritage Lottery funding will aid to make it once again a fine example of a Victorian city park, containing a good range of recreational facilities and helping to increase usage by the local community. The heritage/amenity works will be completed soon.

To either side of Soho Road are extensive housing areas comprising mainly 19th
Century terraced properties in private ownership. Many dwellings have been improved, although further renewal work through HMRA will be undertaken. Every opportunity should be taken to meet local housing needs and other community needs such as the provision of open space. In the area either side of Soho Hill many larger dwellings have been converted into hostels, flats or are in multi-occupation, and the high concentration of these uses is affecting the character of the area.

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