Birmingham City Council


To promote more efficient use of road space and alleviate congestion Birmingham City Council has worked with Jambusters Limited to launch a FREE web based car matching system, carshareBirmingham.

carshareBirmingham is aimed at employees of organisations and businesses wanting to make a positive contribution towards reducing traffic congestion and on-site parking needs.

Once affiliated to carshareBirmingham, your employees can register with the service. carshareBirmingham then gives them their own unique password and a simple guide to the procedures, rules and etiquette. carshareBirmingham software will then begin to identify car share matches for two or more people for long-term or ad hoc arrangements and off-site shared attendance at other locations.

Good for business:
  • car sharing can help solve your parking problems and save money by reducing the number of car parking spaces needed,
  • improve efficiency as car sharers strike up friendships and have informal work related conversations during their commute,
  • reduce your CO2 emissions.

Good for people:

  • save money on fuel costs and wear and tear on your car,
  • Lower the stress of commuting with less driving time and good company.

Good for Birmingham:

  • Fewer vehicles travelling means less congestion and a better flowing road network,
  • Improves air quality and reduces noise pollution.

The TravelWise Team can visit your business or organisation to explain how carshareBirmingham works, train the on-site administrator, discuss how to maximise use of the service and to answer any questions you or your employees may have.

To affiliate your business or organisation please visit or contact the TravelWise Team:
Mike Cooper/James Martin
Telephone: 0121 303 7249/7485


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