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Give Yourself Some Credit!

You can get credit for what you do!

You can get a certificate worth some credits that may be recognised by future employers or colleges, or could be added to the qualifications that you get in school.

There are a variety of choices open to you in the Youth Service including the Birmingham Youth Service Award, and youth workers will be able to tell you more about them.

In order to get the Birmingham Youth Service Award you will need:

  • to be aged 11 or over
  • to think about what you would like to do
  • to be involved in planning what you do
  • to collect and organise things that prove what you have done like
    • photographs
    • video clips
    • comments from friends or workers
    • anything you might make

  • to have spent at least 20 hours in total being involved
  • when you have finished, to think about what you have done, what you have learnt, and what you might like to do next.