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Health and Social Care O&S Committee


Committee Chair: Councillor Susan Barnett

Contact: susan.barnett@birmingham.gov.uk

Committee Membership: Cllr Margaret Waddington, Cllr Sue Anderson,Cllr Mick Brown, Cllr Andrew Hardie, Cllr Peter Griffiths, Cllr Karen McCarthy, Cllr Eva Phillips, Cllr Chauhdry Rashid, Cllr Sharon Thompson

New Inquiry

The Health and Social Care Overview & Scrutiny Committee has just started a new inquiry into Homelessness. The key question is:

“How do health outcomes for homeless households differ from the wider population and what can be done to close the gap?”

If you would like to contribute to this piece of work, please see the attachment below for further details.

Joint Committee Work

Both the Birmingham and Sandwell Joint Health Scrutiny Committee and the Birmingham and Solihull Health Scrutiny Committee hold their meetings in public and you are most welcome to attend. The Joint Committees meet when there are proposed changes to services which may possibly have a substantial impact to residents in both Local Authority areas. Future meeting dates will be placed on the www.birmingham.gov.uk/scrutiny.
Depending on where the meeting is being held, the papers are available to download a week before from either the Democracy in Birmingham website,
the Sandwell Committee Management Information System at http://cmis.sandwell.gov.uk/cmis5/Home.aspx
or the Solihull Council website at www.solihull.gov.uk/About-the-Council/Councillors-committees/meetingsminutesagendas.

Officer Support:

Rose Kiely, Group O&S Manager Tel: 0121 303 1730 Email:rose.kiely@birmingham.gov.uk

Scrutiny Links:
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