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Committee Chairman: Councillor Anita Ward

Contact: anita.ward@birmingham.gov.uk

Committee Membership:, Cllr Barry Bowles, Cllr James Hutchings, Cllr Sue Anderson, Cllr Eva Phillips, Cllr Reg Corns, Cllr Chaudhry Rashid, Cllr Guy Roberts,Cllr Valerie Seabright, Cllr Martin Straker-Welds

Church Representatives: Father Edwin Cownley, Jackie Hughes

Parent Governor Representatives: Samera Ali, Shahid Mir

Officer Support:
Benita.wishart O&S Manager Tel: 0121 464 6871email: benita.wishart@birmingham.gov.uk

Iram Choudry, Research and Policy Officer tel: 0121 464 8263 email: Iram.choudry@birmingham.gov.uk

Call for Evidence Children Sexual Exploitation

The Education and Vulnerable Children’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee is carrying out an inquiry into Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

The key question is:

What needs to be strengthened in the way Birmingham City Council prevents and deals with child sexual exploitation and in its working with partners?

The Committee is keen to receive written information on this topic and to identify key organisations to talk to or visit. Throughout the inquiry Members want to consider the impact on the child – so it would be helpful to consider that in your response.

You can also respond to these questions via the On-line survey on the BeHeard website: https://www.birminghambeheard.org.uk/

The Councillors are keen to hear from as many people and organisations as possible, so please feel free to respond to as many or few of these areas as you wish to:

• (If you are responding on behalf of an organisation) what is its role and how do you work with the Council?

• What structures and strategies does your service currently have in place to tackle CSE?

• What interventions / approaches are you aware of the Council using to support prevention, displacement, protection, prosecution?

• How effective are the above, what gaps are there and what further steps need to be taken?

• Are young people able to access specialist support and what are their views?

• With regards to CSE are there any priority areas of improvement for the Council?

• What more could the council do to support you in your work?

• What steps (including training) can be taken to raise young people’s, officers’, Members’, parents’ and residents’ awareness (and appropriate signposting to enable action) of this matter?

If you would like to attend one of the Committee’s meetings to talk to the Councillors, please do let us know and we will be in touch.

Please send any information to Iram Choudry oniram.choudry@birmingham.gov.uk.

For further information Iram Choudry can be contacted on 0121 464 8263 and Benita Wishart on 0121 464 6871

We are of course interested in hearing from you at any point during this Inquiry but this deadline will help us to identify who the Councillors should hear from.

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