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Culture, Learning and Skills O&S Committee

Councillor Zafar Iqbal
Committee Chair: Councillor Zafar Iqbal


Committee Membership:Cllr Uzma Ahmed, Cllr Meirion Jenkins, Cllr Jon Hunt, Cllr Alex Buchanan, Cllr Adrian Delaney, Cllr Andy Cartwright, Cllr Mahmood Hussain, Cllr Elaine Williams, Cllr Fiona Williams

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Jenny Drew Tel: 0121 464 6435 Email: jenny.drew@birmingham.gov.uk

Call for Evidence Launched-– Increasing Participation in Sport and Physical Activity

Inactivity has been identified as one of Birmingham’s biggest public health challenges and an even greater concern for the city than obesity. Over 34% of adult Brummies are considered to be inactive , that is failing to achieve 30 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity each week within a 28 day period.

Much has been said about the obesity crisis we face in the UK but problems associated with being inactive have, until recently, been underestimated and given much lower profile. Fortunately this is beginning to change. Birmingham’s new physical activity champion, Dr Ewan Hamnett has recently highlighted that in health terms “You’re better to be a bit overweight and active than thin and inactive.” Increasing active recreation is important in improving mental as well as physical health. It also supports several other Council priorities including providing opportunities for employment, volunteering, youth inclusion and stronger communities.

For its first inquiry the new overview and scrutiny committee is therefore asking:

How can we enable more people to be active and take part in sport and physical activity?

We are inviting people and organisations from across the city to send us their views on:

• what is working well already in the city in supporting participation and

• what Birmingham needs to do to ensure that its citizens can both become more active and stay more active.

Further details can be found in the attachment below.

An Inquiry is only as good as the evidence it receives. We would welcome a written statement of your views and experience on any of the above points, along with any other comments or ideas you might have by Monday 20th October, 2014. We will collect all the written submissions and use these as evidence to support our work.

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