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District Information


At the time of the 2011 Census there were 10 Districts in Birmingham (parliamentary constituencies) with an average population size of 107,300.

  • Districts range in size from 95,000 in Sutton Coldfield to 127,000 in Ladywood.
  • Hall Green and Hodge Hill are the most densely populated, with 59 people per hectare, compared with 17 people per hectare in Sutton Coldfield.
  • Hodge Hill and Hall Green are the only Districts that have a greater household size that the Birmingham average of 2.56 persons per household.
  • 20% of people living in Sutton Coldfield are pensioners, compared with 7% in Ladywood.
  • There were four Districts where the number of people who said they belonged to an ethnic group other than White was above the city average of 46.9%. They were, Hall Green (69.5%), Hodge Hill (66.9%), Ladywood (78.7%) and Perry Barr (65.2%).
  • Over half (52.1%) of residents living in Hodge Hill said they were Muslim.

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For more information about the characteristics of the population, such as ethnic group or health, please see our Census pages.

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Last Updated : 6th January 2014