Birmingham City Council

Complaints About Our Service

Planning Management is committed to providing the best possible service to all our customers. However, problems can arise and you may have cause to complain. Our Planning Customer Charter explains what you can expect from us. You may not always agree with decisions we have made, but if we have not processed that decision correctly we will always investigate your concerns.

We have also summarised what you can expect from us if you complain about the service we provide (rather than any decisions we may have made).

Complaints are always taken seriously. Usually the matter can be quickly and easily put right.

If you are an applicant and you disagree with our decision on a planning application or enforcement investigation, there are separate statutory appeal processes which can deal with these types of complaints. However, concerns about the process leading to a decision can be dealt with under this complaints procedure.

If you wish to complain about our service, please see the customer comments, complaints and compliments procedures

In order to allow Planning Management to constantly evaluate the standard of service we offer to customers we listen to and learn from your views. We monitor your views so that we may easily identify any lapse of standards in specific areas of service delivery and respond by making improvements. We also monitor our performance to ensure we are handling your views as efficiently as possible.

Birmingham City Council operates a 3 stage complaints procedure

  1. Stage 1 allows us to handle complaints requiring an immediate resolution
  2. Stage 2 requires formal investigation and response within 10 working days
  3. Stage 3 is an escalation of Stage 2 and requires response within 20 working days

Alternatively, the Local Government Ombudsman is an independent Government body who investigate complaints about local councils. Should a complaint be made directly to the Local Government Ombudsman it is likely to be referred back to the Local Authority for a response first. If you are not happy with the response you receive from the Council, the Local Government Ombudsman will then investigate further.

Find out more about what we did as a result of the comments, complaints and compliments we received and our performance in dealing with your views