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Brasshouse Language Services - What our students say

What BLS students say

Languages in context with Early Risers learning Russian and Japanese

“The reason I joined the early course on a Wednesday is because I'm up early and in town anyway on weekdays because of work and the brain naturally is more geared and motivated towards learning.”

“The experience of learning at the Brasshouse has been very enjoyable, the pacing is just right for me and the small groups are conducive as everyone can get involved. I would hope to take another course there in the future.”

Languages in professional context

"Have language skills made a difference for me? Absolutely. I have resolved in one 10-minute phone call with the French VAT authorities a problem with our VAT returns which would have been very difficult to do otherwise."

Languages for personal interest

My tutor's excellent teaching means that I can now communicate in basic Swedish.

Image of Japanese group Early Risers
Early morning Russian group