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Adult social care matters

What's changing in adult social care?

We have consulted with people in Birmingham about how adult social care should be delivered now and in the future. We have found out that people want more care closer to home, with greater choice and control in their lives.

As a result, we are transforming the way adult social care is delivered and the way we work to deliver services. We are providing service users with more choice and control over the kind of services they receive. We are starting with the person rather than the service. This is called ‘personalisation.’

Why are we changing?

  • To support the 1 in 20 people in Birmingham who are aged over 65 with dementia
  • To support the 1 in 4 people in Birmingham who may experience a period of mental health illness in their lifetime
  • To provide safety and care to vulnerable people, such as those with multiple disabilities
  • To make more use of the independent sector to give people more choices about services available
  • To make our services more efficient and bring them up-to-date, for example replacing care homes with more housing choices and state-of-the-art care centres
  • To better support the large number of informal carers we have in the city.

How are we changing?

We are already doing a number of things to transform the services we provide. This includes reorganising our structure, so that we are able to:

  • spend less on management and bureaucracy
  • reduce our management costs making sure that money goes to people who need care
  • improve the support and skills we give to our staff to provide a quicker response to service users.

After consulting with our staff, we have put forward a suggestion for the new structure of Adults and Communities. The overall, proposed structure has been divided into six separate areas, which are in the charts below:

Assessment and Support Planning

Specialist Care Services

Business Change


Public Health

Birmingham Health and Wellbeing Partnership

Tell us what you think

We are still listening to the views of staff on the proposed structure, but would also like to hear your views too. Please send your comments on the proposed structure to act@birmingham.gov.uk.

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