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SEN Statements

Statement of special educational needs

If the Statutory Assessment indicates that your child needs extra educational provision, which cannot be provided within normal school resources, a Statement can be made describing your child’s learning difficulties and how they are to be addressed.

At first, a proposed Statement is prepared, and parents can make representations and request meetings with the local authority (LA) to discuss the proposals.

The proposed Statement will not include the name of a school or education setting where the provision will be made. Parents can express their preference for a maintained school or make representations for placement in other schools.

The final Statement will include the name of a school. The LA must name the maintained school preferred by the parents providing that:

  • the school is suitable for the child’s age, ability and aptitude and the special educational needs set out in Part 2 of the Statement;

  • the child’s attendance is not incompatible with the efficient education of other children in the school; and

  • the placement is an efficient use of the LA resources.

Parents can choose to make alternative provision for their child, with education in an independent school or at home. The LA must be satisfied that the provision is suitable and it must meet the special educational needs. It does not have to contribute to the cost of educating a child in these circumstances, but retains the legal duty to maintain and review the Statement.

If a parent is unhappy with the contents of Parts 2, 3 or 4 of the Statement, they have a right to appeal to a Special Educational Needs Tribunal.

More information about statements for special educational needs is available from the DirectGov web site.