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What is the Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust?

Properties on our Pershore Road scheme
Birmingham Municipal Housing Trust (BMHT) is Birmingham City Council's brand name for building new homes across Birmingham, by working in partnership with private developers. With over 1,400 homes already delivered or under construction, BMHT is providing high quality new homes across Birmingham.

Why are new homes needed?

Birmingham’s population is growing, but each year the council has fewer homes to offer for rent. This is because some council housing planned and built in the mid-20th century no longer meets modern needs. Also, thousands of former council properties have been bought by tenants under the Right to Buy scheme. This stock could not be replaced until recent changes to legislation.

Birmingham City Council aim to facilitate the construction of over 80,000 new homes by 2031 and will use BMHT to assist in this ambitious programme of new homes, as part of a whole range of strategic partnerships.

Why BMHT homes?

BMHT provides homes that are cheap to run, look attractive and meet the needs of Birmingham's citizens. All of our homes are carefully designed to meet the Building for Life standards and are all Secure by Design compliant.

We know that fuel costs are a major factor in budgeting for occupants, and so our use of the very latest 'green technologies' help to make running your home as cheap as possible. To find out more visit our 'helping the planet and helping you' page.

Take a look at our current schemes in development to see what BMHT is doing in an area near you.