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Helping the planet and helping you

Solar panels at Brooklea Grove
Solar panels on the roofs of BMHT homes at Brooklea Grove

We know that fuel costs are one of the major factors in budgeting for occupants and so our use of the very latest 'green technologies' help to make running your home as cheap as possible.

All of our affordable rent homes homes will be built to Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

This means that BMHT homes are contributing towards Birmingham’s ambition to be the first sustainable global city with a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2026.

Photo-voltaic cells (PV cells) – these look like panels fitted to your roof. They
absorb light to make electricity. They are similar to solar panels.

Air Source Heat Pumps – these systems draw heat from the outside air (even when it’s cold outside), and distributes heat through the radiators in all the rooms.

Rainwater recycling – a method to save water. Rainwater is stored underground in a tank, usually in the rear garden, and can be pumped back into the house and used to flush toilets.

External water butt – keen gardeners will be pleased that there is an external
water butt so that rain water can be collected and used to water the garden. This is much healthier for plants than tap water.

Water meters – you will only pay for the amount of water you use, not a set amount per year regardless of usage.