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Parents and Carers

As parents, you have an important role in helping your child learn and so we work closely with you, and with other professionals involved with your child, to:

  • find out your child’s interests, strengths and needs
  • plan and provide structured learning and play activities that build on your child’s skills
  • advise about future educational options, including writing reports if required
  • support your child’s transition into children’s Centre, nursery or school

Your child’s progress is regularly reviewed with you to make sure they are receiving the right level of support for their particular needs.

We work with Castle Vale Children’s Centre to run a playgroup for children with Down’s Syndrome and hope to develop others in the future.

Working in partnership with the Area SENCO team

If your child is already at a nursery or Children's Centre when they are referred to the Early Support Service, we also contact the Area SENCO team.

The Area SENCO team are teachers with a specialised role to provide advice and support to the staff in settings about children with developmental difficulties. We work together with the Area SENCO team to find the best way to support each child, taking into account the support they have at the nursery or Children’s Centre they attend as well as from any other professionals.