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War Memorials: Education WWII

The inscription all in capitals, reads:

To those who gave their lives in the Second Great War 1939 - 1945

  • Astell N F
  • Belcher M S
  • Bilney R T J
  • Breaker J
  • Brennan G V
  • Buckley H D
  • Cavill R J W
  • Chapman J E
  • Christian F A
  • Davies E
  • Dawson G E
  • Edge E T
    Fineron F W
  • Green G W
  • Henderson T R
  • Jenkins J I
  • Jenkins W H
  • Jenkinson E A
  • Johnson G A
  • Ladbury R O
  • Lad J C
  • McBride A
  • Moody G T
  • Munne W I
    Owen A E
  • Pettet H W
  • Reeve F C
  • Raoch G F
  • Robson J L
  • Shakespeare P
  • Southall G
  • Taylor H
  • Treloar A L
  • Webb F R
  • Westwood A T
  • Williams T D

The memorial is not in a public part of the building, but may be viewed by callers to the reception desk (0121 303 2590).