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War Memorials: Education WWI

This large bronze memorial, measuring 155cm x 94cm, is on the first floor of the Education Services building in Margaret Street. The Committee's memorial for World War Two sits beneath it.

The wording on this memorial, all in capitals, is:

To those who in the service of the Birmingham Education Committee who fell in the Great War 1914 - 1918 that their names may be held in honour and their sacrifice be remembered with pride.

  • Adams J
  • Allan J S
  • Hampton J H
  • Barratt H
  • Barratt J F
  • Bateson H S
  • Beddoes C J
  • Bennett J E F T
  • Bennett J W
  • Bennett W F
  • Benson W
  • Bolton W G
  • Brett-Nurse N V
  • Brindle H
  • Butler F H
  • Christie R L
  • Clare C
  • Clarke H
  • Cooper N I
  • Daniels F
  • Dixon H I
  • Dobson W G
  • Dugard P W
  • Edwards A J
  • Eldridge J T
  • Enoch G T
  • Evans A W
  • Evans FT
  • Farmer G H
  • Ford A H
  • Gaffey T
  • Glover L F
  • Gossage W
  • Grove F W
  • Hands T P
  • Harcourt W
  • Hostler A C
  • Hull E C
  • Jelleyman H W
  • Jephson H
  • Jinks P G
  • Kaye A E
  • Lawrence R R
  • Lester E W
  • Meacham A E
  • Merrick L S
  • Moon S H
  • Moore V W
  • Morgan J G
  • Morris F C
  • Mouzer F
  • Newman A
  • Osborn A G
  • Ovens C L
  • Pickering F S
  • Piper H
  • Price AV
  • Proctor A C
  • Randall H A
  • Richardson F
  • Richardson J F
  • Rider F
  • Robinson A G
  • Sedgley J P
  • Sheil B R
  • Slade W J
  • Smith B
  • Smith W G
  • Stevens H
  • Stokes A W
  • Stone I H
  • Strickley W
  • Styler F W
  • Summers O
  • Tongue J W
  • Trevor J O
  • Vaughn L M
  • Voyce W C
  • Wales L W
  • Walker E A
  • Walsh H F
  • Ward L
  • Warriner J A L
  • Watkin A C
  • Wahtmore L W
  • Williams O J
  • Willis O P
  • Witcome R A

See ye to it that these shall not have died in vain.

The memorial is not in a public part of the building, but may be viewed by callers to the reception desk (0121 303 2590).