Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

General Business Advice

Traders can contact us for help and advice by e-mail or by using our Trading Standards online form and will be directed to the most appropriate officer for their particular enquiry. Please note that we cannot intervene in disputes between traders.

ERWIN Everything Regulation When It's Needed aims to provide regulatory advice and information to businesses, ensure consistency and simplicity of advice and information and engage with businesses to understand how they want advice provided.

Sale Of Goods
The Sale of Goods Act Hub is another useful website which provides comprehensive and up to date guidance on the Sale of Goods Act for retailers and business support organisations.

TSI Advice Leaflets
A comprehensive selection of leaflets relating to all aspects of trading standards laws that affect businesses is available at Trading Standards Institute.
These include:

  • Car Dealers
  • Selling Goods and Services
  • Distance Selling
  • Labelling
  • Business Names
  • Displaying prices
  • Property Descriptions

Central England Trading Standards Authories (CEnTSA)

The CEnTSA Business Needs Newsletter provides guidance/support and advice to businesses on various subjects. Access to to the latest and past editions along with various news articles are available from the CEnTSA website.

Receiving a visit from Trading Standards
We aim to promote fair trading to the benefit of legitimate trade. If we visit you we will:-

  • Carefully explain why you may be required to do something.
  • Confirm that in writing.
  • Provide you with trader information leaflets where appropriate.
  • Offer you the opportunity to discuss, with a senior officer, any decision we make.

Our published Enforcement Policy informs the decisions that we take when we find that an offence has been committed.

Distance Selling
A guide to distance selling for businesses selling goods by phone or over the internet is attached below. The Distance Selling Hub, a service provided by the Office of Fair Trading, also is a great source for all questions and queries in relation to the law of Distance Selling.

Car Clamping
Guidance leaflets are attached at the bottom of this page which provide important advice to those operating as car clampers or those private land owners who employ car clampers on their land.

Consumer Credit Licences
If your business offers any kind of consumer credit or hire, you will probably need a licence as required by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. These are issued by the Office of Fair Trading.

Home Repairs and Improvements
The Office of Fair Trading has produced a toolkit to help Trading Standards and Businesses involved in the Home Repairs and Improvements research project. This toolkit provides information and Business Top Tips.

Are you a trader knocking door to door?
When selling goods or services door to door, and entering into contracts over £30 in a consumers home, you need to issue a cancellation notice by law. This gives the consumer 7 days to cancel the contract. Cancellation notices need to be provided in a prescribed format, for more guidance please see the Cancellations of Contracts advice pack attached below.

Our guide to buying or selling jewellery provides comprehensive help and advice to those involved in the jewellery trade or for those who have bought or are considering buying jewellery.

Weights and Measures
We have a page dedicated to Weights and Measures. If you wish to look for guidance on specific issues like average quantity, restaurants, pubs, fishmongers etc, then please visit Trading Standards Institute or National Measurement Office

Please refer to our Safety page for more detailed information.
Business leaflets are also provided on the Trading Standards Institute website relating to nightwear, part worn tyres, pushchairs, electrical goods etc.

Age Restricted Sales
We have a page dedicated to the sale of Age Restricted Products. This has all the products listed where age restrictions apply. It also outlines what traders should be doing when selling these types of products. No ID No Sale posters can also be downloaded on that web page.

Contact details for Traders
Tel: 0845 330 3313
E-mail: tradingstandards@birmingham.gov.uk
Online form: Trading Standards Online Form.

Other sources of Information
Office of Fair Trading
Business Link
Trading Standards Institute
National Measurement Office
Small Business Service
Financial Ombudsmen Service
Department of Business, Innovation and Skills.