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South Yardley Neighbourhood Forums and Residents Groups

What Are Neighbourhood Forums?

Neighbourhood Forums are community groups run by and for local people. They consider matters that concern the residents and if appropriate raise them at the Ward Consultative Forum or District Committee. Membership is free and open to all people aged 16 and over. Local ward councillors may sit on the Forum. Each will have a Chair, Vice-chair etc elected by the residents.

Neighbourhood Forums

Mr John Bagley

Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum

Ms Anne Clarke

Acocks Green Neighbourhood Forum

Ms Jennifer Campbell

Small Heath South Neighbourhood Forum

Dr Sher Afzal Khan

Small Heath South Neighbourhood Forum

Mr William Spriggs

Small Heath South Neighbourhood Forum

Ms Brenda Capener

Yardley Neighbourhood Forum

Mr Brendan O'Brien

Yardley Neighbourhood Forum

What is a Residents Group?

Residents Groups are similar to Neighbourhood Forums although the geographical catchment area tends to be much smaller.

Residents Groups

Ms Rehanna Begum

All Womens Group

C/o Mrs Pudge,

The Avenue Residents Association

Ms Brenda Capener

Friends of Oaklands

Mr W Gray JP

Norton Residents Association

Mr D Hodges

South Residents Association

If you wish to find out more about any of these groups, or to contact them, please ring Virginia Yates, the Ward Support Officer on 0121 464 7701 or email

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