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Annual Statement of Consultation


Annual Statement of Consultation

From Listening to Learning…to Action

What you have told us …

and what we have done

We regularly ask Birmingham people for their views, undertaking hundreds of consultations each year, ranging from large annual opinion surveys which seek the views of thousands of people to talking to small locally-based groups.

'From Listening to Learning ... to Action' is a summary of what we asked about, what people said and how this has influenced what we do.

This will be produced annually to check we have taken action.

Why we ask people about their views

Birmingham 2026 is the city’s Sustainable Community Strategy – a shared vision for the future of our city. The overarching aim of this strategy is for all Birmingham’s people to enjoy a high quality of life. All of our consultation activity is geared towards achieving this.

This overarching aim is supported by:

  • Succeed Economically - benefiting from education, training, jobs and investment
  • Stay Safe in Clean, Green Neighbourhoods - living in safe and clean neighbourhoods
  • Be Healthy - enjoying long and healthy lives
  • Make a Contribution - supporting and encouraging Birmingham's citizens.
  • Public Service Excellence - redesign public services so they are more efficient and responsive to people's needs.
  • Flourishing Enterprise - fostering a culture of enterprise and innovation that supports business growth

The Annual Statement of Consultation is a partnership document that reports the consultation activities of the public sector and the voluntary and community sector in Birmingham. By talking and listening to people’s views and opinions we strive to make Birmingham a better place for everyone and to deliver the city’s Sustainable Community Strategy.

Finding out more

For more information you can visit Be Heard at

The reference numbers throughout this report refer to the reference numbers on Be Heard. These link directly to the database helping you find specific consultations more easily.