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Elections Office: Proxy Voting (Someone voting on your behalf)

If you are unable to vote in person on polling day, it is possible to appoint someone to go to your polling station and vote on your behalf

The person appointed as proxy should be someone you trust, as they will be casting your vote for you. Anyone may be appointed to act as your proxy, providing they are over 18 and eligible to vote in UK Elections.

A person is not entitled to vote as proxy in any constituency or electoral area on behalf of more than two electors, except where they are a close relative (which is defined as being the spouse, civil partner, parent, grandparent, brother, sister, child or grandchild of the electors). There is no limit to the number of these close relatives that a proxy may vote on behalf of.

All application forms to appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf are available to download on this page. There are different options available involving different criteria. One you have decided which is the most suitable for your circumstances, you should print out the form, complete it and return it immediately to the Elections Office.

All electors applying for a proxy vote must provide their date of birth and signature in the boxes provided. Any forms which have not been fully completed will be rejected and returned for clarification.

For One Election Only - Open to All

Proxy voting is available to anyone who is unable to attend their polling station on polling day. It is possible for anyone to apply for a proxy vote at a particular election, as long as they provide a reason why they are not able to vote in person themselves on the day of the election.

This form is for one Election Day only, and should only be completed once the date of an election is known.

One Off Proxy Application Form

 PDF (Size: 125 Kb Type: pdf )


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Long Term/Permanent Proxy - Specific Circumstances Only

It is possible to appoint a proxy permanently, but only in certain circumstances. You may also need to get your application signed, or provide further information in order for your application to be approved. These are the reasons for getting a permanent proxy vote, and the supporting evidence required.


Registered Blind/Recipient of Higher Disability Living Allowance - You must state the council with which you are registered blind or declare that you receive the higher rate of allowance

Physical Incapacity - You must have your application form supported by a registered medical practitioner, registered nurse or Christian Science practitioner, provided that person is giving you treatment or care. If you are in a residential home or sheltered housing, then the head of home or warden can support your application (but not a care assistant).

Employment Reasons - Your employer must sign your application. If you are self-employed, please indicate this on the form, if you are self-employed, then your application must be supported by someone who is 18 or over, knows your circumstances, and is not related to you.

Attendance on a Course - Each college/institution will have appointed an officer to support applications on these grounds. Check with your college who this person is.


Registered Blind Proxy Application Form

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Physical Incapacity Proxy Application Form

 PDF (Size: 152 Kb Type: pdf )


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Employment Reasons Proxy Application Form

 PDF (Size: 151 Kb Type: pdf )


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Attendance at Course Proxy Application Form

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