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Statutory Assessment

Statutory assessment of a child's needs

While the majority of children with special educational needs will be able to have their needs met through Early Years Action or School Action, in some cases it is necessary for the local authority to make a Statutory Assessment of a child’s needs.

Assessment is undertaken if the local authority believes that a child’s needs probably require a Statement to be issued.

Not all Statutory Assessments will result in Statements of special educational needs being issued. The local authority must consider whether such an assessment should be made.

When making this consideration, the local authority pays attention to:

  • evidence that the school has responded appropriately to the requirements of the National Curriculum;

  • evidence provided by the child’s school, parents and other professionals where they have been involved with the child, as to the nature, extent and cause of the child’s learning difficulties;

  • evidence of action already taken by the child’s school to meet and overcome those difficulties;

  • evidence of the rate and style of the child’s progress;

  • evidence that where some progress has been made, it has only been as the result of much additional effort and instruction at a sustained level not usually commensurate with provision through Action Plus.

If a child has significant difficulties, such as a severe sensory impairment or severe emotional or behavioural difficulties, it may be appropriate for a child to have an immediate referral for Statutory Assessment.

More information about the statutory assessment process is available from the DirectGov web site.