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To pay council tax by direct debit

The easiest way to pay your council tax is by Direct Debit. Just give us the details once, and we'll do the rest. Payments are made automatically by your bank or building society and you’re fully protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Please complete and return the Direct Debit Form below

 PDF Council Tax Direct Debit Form (Size: 85.3 Kb Type: PDF )

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If you are having problems paying your council tax always let us know.

Council Tax - Change in Circumstances - change of address notifications can be made here.

Essential Information
  • We can now offer the facility to pay by 12 monthly instalments instead of the usual 10. This facility is available for Council Tax accounts where we have issued you with an annual bill during the month of March 2013. The payment plan where we can offer 12 monthly instalments is payment by direct debit and it commences on 28th April. To take up this facility you will need to submit an application to Birmingham City Council Revenue Department to be received no later than 15 April 2013. Payment schemes for other methods can be extended to March 2014 also, although they may not be 12 instalments.

    For applications after 15 April we can still offer extended monthly instalments to the end of the financial year (March 2014) however the number of payments will reduce as the year goes by.

    How to apply

    If you want to apply for the extended payment facility, then you need to e-mail us at council.tax@birmingham.gov.uk heading your e-mail in the subject field Extended Payments to enable us to identify these as a priority request. You must provide your name, address and reference number within the e-mail. If you wish to pay by Direct Debit you need to print the attached form at the bottom of this page, complete it and sign it, and either attach the form to your e-mail or post it to Birmingham City Council, Revenues and Benefits, P.O.Box 5, Birmingham, B4 7AB. If you currently pay by Direct Debit and want to extend your payment plan you do not have to complete another form, just e-mail us with your request.

    Methods of payment

    You can pay by the following monthly methods of payment:

    Direct Debit 8th/15th/21st/28th of the month
    Demand 1st of the month
    Paycard 1st of the month
    Secure Homes 1st of the month

  • To pay your Council Tax online via personal internet banking, your bank needs the council's bank sort code, bank account number and a billing reference number.

    Our Bank Sort Code is 08-90-01.

    Our Bank Account number is 61314007.

    Your Billing Reference number is a 10-digit number, which starts with 5 and is shown on your bill and/or payment card.

    Please note

    The billing reference number allocates your payment to your own Council Tax account. This number can change when you receive new payment documents. Please make sure that you tell your bank if your billing reference number changes.

  • Please call 0121 464 2001. This is an automated telephone answering service. You’ll need your debit or credit card details and your ten-digit council tax account number.

  • Please make cheques and postal orders payable to Birmingham City Council. You must write your ten-digit account number on the back and send them to:

    Birmingham City Council
    Resources Department (Revenues & Benefits)
    PO Box 5
    B4 7AB.

    • Do not staple, pin or fold cheques.
    • Please do not send your payment card, if you have been issued with one.
    • Do not send cash by post.
    • If you want a receipt, please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope. We’re unable to issue receipts without this.

    You must allow five working days for your payment to reach us.
  • Payment cards are not automatically issued with new bills. If the front of your bill says that you will be paying by payment card please allow seven working days for this to arrive.

    Unlike your annual bill a payment card is not issued each year. If you lose your card or it is damaged please call us on 0121 303 1113 (lines are open 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday except Bank Holidays) so that we can issue a replacement.

    If you move house you will need a new payment card as your account number will change.

    You can use your payment card at any Post Office. If you pay by cheque at the Post Office you must make the cheque payable to "Post Office Ltd". You can also pay at any shop displaying the PayPoint or PayZone logo. Only cash is accepted at these outlets and there may be a limit to the amount you can pay.

    A receipt will only be issued upon request

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