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Adults and Communities

A more personal approach to adult social care

Adults and Communities is part of Birmingham City Council. We used to be called Social Care and Health and, before that, Social Services.

We provide social care services that help adults in Birmingham to live as independently as they can and to be part of their local community. We support people to live the life they choose. This approach to adult social care is called 'personalisation'. To find out more about how personalisation is changing social care services for people in Birmingham, see the 'Did You Know?' web page. The link to the Did You Know? page is under the 'Go straight to...' heading below.

Eyes and Ears campaign
Everyone can be the Eyes and Ears of an at risk person and help protect them from being abused. If you have any suspicions contact the ACAP service on 0121 303 1234 (option 1)

Adults and Communities new website 'My Care In Birmingham'

We are developing a new adult social care website. The aim of My Care in Birmingham is to make it easier for you to get information and advice about adult social care services, and to choose the services that suit you best.

Go straight to My Care In Birmingham.

More information about My Care In Birmingham.

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Join one of our Citizen-Led Quality Boards

We always want to hear from people who are passionate about improving adult social care for the citizens of Birmingham and who may be interested in joining our Citizen-led Quality Boards. Visit our Citizen-led Quality Board web-page for more information.

Birmingham Community Navigators

Birmingham City Council (Adults & Communities directorate) is working in partnership with Turning Point, to develop a service which will connect people with the help they need in a timely and effective way.

We will be working closely with the residents of Ladywood and Kingstanding by recruiting local people or those who know the area well to undertake an audit of need with residents, specifically; older people and adults with a learning disability, a physical disability or mental health condition. This information will be used to inform the design of a new Community Navigator service that will connect people with local groups, opportunities and services early, promote health and wellbeing, encourage the take up of individual budgets and support new community-led social care initiatives. A pilot will be running in Ladywood and Kingstanding in 2013 to see if it is successful.

More information is available on the Birmingham Community Navigators page

Pioneer Integration Status

Birmingham City Council applied to become an integration ‘pioneer’ to help drive forward change at scale and pace, working across the local health, public health and social care system. Unfortunately we were unsuccessful in this bid. Please click this link to see a full response on the Council's application.

One of our partners, Sandwell and West Birmingham CCG, has submitted an application and has been shortlisted for the programme, we will be working closely with the CCG and will support them as their bid progresses.

Birmingham City Council's bid can be found by clicking this link.

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Please also see the current 'Adult social care services' pages on this website for more information about the services we provide, and 'How to get adult social care services' for information about getting an assessment of your care needs.

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Adult social care services information on this website

How to get adult social care services

How to get adaptations and equipment for your home

Support for carers

Did You Know?
How personalisation is changing the way we support you to get your care

You can also find information about social care services provided by other organisations on the Adult Care in Brum website.

How to contact us in office hours

Safeguarding adults from abuse

Emergency Duty Team for social work support in an emergency out of office hours

Leaflets and information

Comments, compliments and complaints about adult social care

Apply for a Blue Badge

Adults & Communities Equalities Breakdown

A breakdown of equalities information, looking at gender, age, ethnicity, religion and disability for both staff employed by Adults & Communities and clients receiving a service can be found on our Equalities page.

Talk to us

To find out how to give us your views on adult social care services in Birmingham, please see our 'Talk to us' web page. Click here to go to the Talk to us web page.

You can also comment on our web pages using the Adults and Communities web page feedback form. Click here to go to the web page feedback form.

Other websites

Adult Care in Brum
A directory of services that support the needs of adults in the community

Birmingham Adult Education Service
Information, advice and support on adult and family learning, courses and qualifications

Care Quality Commission
The independent organisation that makes sure local councils provide a high standard of services in social care

My Care In Birmingham
Adults and Communities new social care website

Leaflets and documents

If you would like any of our leaflets, forms or other documents in another language, in Braille, in large print or as an audio version on CD, please phone the Communications team on 0121 464 3123.

All our adult social care leaflets, forms and documents are free in any format.

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