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Business Development and Innovation Team

Our Business Development & Innovation Team (BDI) is part of the Birmingham Business Hub which brings together key strategic organisations from across the City to form a “one stop shop” for businesses.

Based in Baskerville House, and located in the heart of the City Centre, the Hub houses these partnership organisation

  • Greater Birmingham & Solihull Local Enterprise Partnership (GBSLEP)
  • Marketing Birmingham
  • Finance Birmingham
  • Birmingham Forward
  • Birmingham Chamber of Commerce
  • Aston Reinvestment Trust
  • our Business Development & Innovation Team

We deliver a number of key projects to support businesses. In addition to the projects detailed in the Support for Businesses section, the team are also partners in a number of the following important European projects.

European Projects

  • Creative Spin has successfully entered the 'Implementation Phase' (1st February 2013 - 30th April 2015) during which a series of activities are taking place. Creative SpIN aims to define and test tools and methods to best connect the Culture and Creative Industries (CCIs) with other sectors of the economy and public/social services, in order to stimulate 'creative spillovers' thus contributing to innovation. Its ultimate purpose is to trigger creativity in businesses and organisations by encouraging artists and creative professionals as well as CCIs to engage with other sectors to share their competences and skills. This project is very ambitious and combines a series of local and transnational activities. Our European Partners include Mons, Bologna, Obidos, Kosice, Tallin, Kortrijk, Essen, Wroclaw and Rotterdam. Visit www.urbact.eu/creativespin for more details.

  • COGITA - Corporate Social & Environmental Responsibility through Public Policy – is a 3 year funded project which the project seeks to improve public policy to support uptake of an integrated concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in SMEs, with a view to promoting responsible and sustainable regional development and growth. Italy is the lead partner for delivering the INTERREG IVC COGITA project. Birmingham City Council is a key project partner and is the sub-theme leader for CSR related criteria for awarding public funding. The project involves 13 partner organizations from 13 countries that are or work with public authorities. Visit www.cogitaproject.eu

For more information on these programmes, please contact Suzanne Dottin-Payne on 0121 303 3150 or email: Suzanne.dottin-payne@birmingham.gov.uk

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