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Governance, Resources and Customer Services O&S Committee, Friday 6th February at 10.00am in Committee Rooms 3 & 4, Council House

The Committee will start evidence-gathering for its Service Birmingham Inquiry looking at the relationship between BCC and Service Birmingham to gauge the extent to which it is functioning as a true partnership.

Members will hear evidence from the Deputy Leader, the Chief Executive, Service Birmingham, Capita and directorate ICT leads. The Deputy Leader will also talk to Members about land and asset ownership and the Chief Executive will update the committee on Performance and Development Reviews.

Education and Vulnerable Children O&S Committee, 11 February, 2015 at 2pm in Committee Room 3 & 4, Council House

The committee will be discussing the role of the Independent Reviewing Officer (IRO).

They will also be receiving a report from the Birmingham Child Death overview panel.

Culture, Learning and Skills O&S Committee, 12 February 2015 at 2pm in Committee Room 3 & 4, Council House.

The Cabinet Member for Skills, Learning and Culture will be presenting her annual update to members of the committee.

Members will also be hearing from Lee Kilgour, the principal of the Aston Engineering Academy.

Partnerships, Contract Performance and Third Sector O&S Committee, Monday 23rd February 2015 – 10.30 am, Committee Rooms 3&4, The Council House

At their February meeting the Committee will hold a session focussed on monitoring the cost reduction proposals made by Service Birmingham following recent reviews of their contract with the City Council. As a result of these reviews, a number of cost reduction proposals have been identified. Delivery of these is crucial and depends on a number of factors, including BCC internal governance processes. Members are keen to ensure implementation and compliance across the City Council and will be talking to representatives from Service Birmingham and the City Council about how these can be achieved.

Meeting papers can be downloaded from Democracy In Birmingham - Select 'Scrutiny (Current)' in the 'Meeting Body Type' drop down list, then select the relevant committee.

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